Post Cataract Operation Instructions


Leave your eye pad on until you see the doctor the next day. Do not operate machinery for 24hrs.


You may experience some mild eye ache and irritation, this is normal, and will lessen after the first few days with the instillation of eye drops. Take Panadol/Panadeine if necessary. 


The eye may water after the operation, mop the tears from your cheek, do not rub or squeeze the eye at any time. Use your eye shield at night for one week.


You may shower and wash your hair with your head tilted back, taking care not to rub the eye or have soap directly in contact with the eye.


Do not bend down to pick things up from the floor, squat/bend at the knees instead.


Do not swim for 1 month, and no strenuous activity for 2 weeks following your eye surgery.




Your vision may not be properly focused for some weeks after the operation, mild fluctuation in vision may be experienced.

It is not unusual for floaters to be noticed following surgery.


Should you experience any sudden or dramatic change in vision, the onset of severe pain, or flashes of light, please report to your surgeon immediately. Dr. Nazari, mob: 0404 450 007, or attend the Emergency Department at The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital.



Eye drops

These will be given to you at your first post-operative visit. Wash your hands, shake the bottle gently, and instill one drop into the pulled and cupped lower lid. The dropper should not touch the eyelid or lashes, close your eye gently. Wait 10 minutes and then instill the other drop. Use them 4 times a day till the bottles are finished, in about 3 weeks’ time.


Chemist's Account

You will receive an account from Eastfield Pharmacy for the eye drops at your first post-op appointment. You can either pay them directly, or we are happy to forward your payment to them on your behalf, if you would like us to do this for you, we ask that you leave the exact amount with us.

If you have reached Safety-Net Status, please ring Eastfield Pharmacy on 9723 1093 prior to your surgery to advise them.



As to when you can drive will vary with each person. Please ask your doctor for advice on this. 


Do not drive with the eye pad on.




You may use your old glasses if you wish. However, leave them off if you feel more comfortable without them, as your depth of perception may be affected. You will be checked for new glasses 3-4 weeks after your operation. In the meantime, you may use a pair of temporary glasses.


In the week following your surgery, UV sunglasses may be useful outdoors, as it is normal for your eyes to be glare sensitive.


You will be required to wear an eye shield over the operated eye for the first 7 nights as extra care must be taken in the initial period to ensure safety.


Laser Treatment


Laser treatment may be given some months or years after the operation to sharpen up your vision if necessary.




If you do not have Private Health Insurance, Vermont Private Hospital will bill you on admission, their fee includes the cost of the lens used for you on the day. You will also receive an invoice from your anaesthetist. The surgeon’s account will be given to you on your second post-op visit.


If you are adequately insured with a Private Health Fund for hospital cover, most fees, including your surgeon’s fee, will be covered. VPH has undertaken to bill your fund directly. 


Please note, there may be a GAP/OOP fee payable for your surgeon, and possibly, your anaesthetist. 





Two routine post-operative appointments will be made and given to you prior to your surgery. It is imperative that you keep these appointments. 


However, you must seek attention earlier if your eye becomes:

Very sore or red, you experience flashes of light, or if your vision becomes blurred over the next few weeks.

Tips For a Safe and Speedy Recovery

  • Lead a normal life, but NO strenuous activity for 2 weeks.

  • A mild pain killer eg. Panadol (2 Tablets) may be taken if necessary.

  • Do not operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours following your surgery.

  • Have someone else drive while your eye is healing. You must not drive with an eye patch/cone, on.

  • Try to shower or bathe from the neck down. Wash your hair with help of a friend or relative, tilting your head backward, and take care when washing your face for the first 3 days, you cannot get water in your eye.

  • You may shave the day after surgery.

  • Avoid rubbing or pressing on your eye for the first two weeks after the operation.

  • Wear UV sunglasses when outdoors.

  • You may watch TV unless it causes discomfort.

  • NO Alcohol for 24 hours post-anaesthetic.